CDIA’s Senior Urban Environmental Engineer Participates in Local Economic Development (LED) Cities of Tomorrow Forum in Tbilisi, Georgia

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CDIA’s Senior Urban Environmental Engineer Neil Chadder joined with colleagues from Asian Development Bank’s Future Cities Program to participate in the Tbilisi LED Cities of Tomorrow Forum, a flagship event organized annually by the City of Tbilisi to address complex challenges being faced by local governments. Mr. Chadder accompanied Andrew Mcintyre of the ADB and Nana Adeishvili of the Future Cities Program on the panel for the fundraising thematic discussion group, which looked at triangular cooperation: city to city and international organizations to reinforce local governments’ capacities.

Mr. Chadder’s presentation focused on the background and history of CDIA and its role in bridging the gap between city’s development plans and the implementation of their infrastructure investments. He highlighted the role that CDIA is playing in Tbilisi through its bus network improvement and metro upgrade projects and explored the potential for other projects in Georgia.

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