Infrastructure to Promote Economic Growth and Better Living Conditions Targeted for Khulna and Gazipur

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CDIA has recently completed the pre-feasibility study (PFS) and preliminary engineering designs for two cities in Bangladesh – Khulna and Gazipur that will seek to boost their infrastructure provision, and build their capacity to prepare infrastructure investments towards economic growth and better living conditions.

With a population of 1.3 million, Khulna City is challenged by an inadequate and poorly maintained drainage network, inadequate solid waste management (SWM) system, and lack of infrastructure and services that promote economic activities. Owing to its low elevation, Khulna is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Similarly, with a population of 2.1 million, Gazipur City has an inadequate SWM system, water-logging in urban areas is common, traffic congestion is severe and the city suffers from low piped water supply coverage and poor sanitation.

To address these gaps in each city, CDIA conducted rapid sector assessments, prepared 20-year road maps, assisted the City Corporations select priority sub-projects, prepared the PFS and preliminary engineering designs, and prepared a roadmap for institutional capacity development.

“We know that the implementation of this wide range of interventions is subject to the cities’ resources, which are quite inadequate. As such, we’re happy to see that development partners like the ADB and KfW have indicated their downstream support for some of the key projects,” said Mr. Neil Chadder, CDIA’s Senior Urban Environmental Engineer.

Specific to the ADB financing, the identified interventions are anticipated to be fed into its City Region Development Program (CRDP) II. The PFS is expected to serve as a valuable input to the loan evaluation process.

“CDIA’s PFS and preliminary engineering designs are very useful to us. They are important and timely for our future work,” said Mingyuan Fan, Senior Urban Development Specialist at ADB. “CDIA is [indeed] the way to start,” he added.




First two photos show development issues in Gazipur City while the rest depict problems in Khulna City.


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