PPPC Gears Up to Better Support Philippine Cities with CDIA

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Public-Private Partnership Center (PPPC), CDIA’s national partner organization in the Philippines held its planning workshop on the delivery of joint activities on 21-22 March 2017 at the PPPC Headquarters in Quezon City, Philippines. With assistance from CDIA through the facilitation of its external expert on organizational development, Mr. Herwig Langthaler, PPPC identified gaps and quick solutions towards better assisting Philippine cities on public-private partnership ventures for their infrastructure projects.

“Planning sessions such as this is always very helpful for PPPC, especially in bringing different divisions together to discuss priority issues and know our next steps. This is very fruitful for our collaborated activities with CDIA,” said PPPC Training Specialist Agape Sem Comendador.

Participated by 10 PPPC staff from divisions spanning project development, knowledge management, and capacity building, PPPC discussed priority concerns on: 1) Financial Modelling Training and 2) Updating of PPP Manual for Philippine cities, which are the two milestones to be delivered based on the Joint CDIA-PPPC Workplan for 2017.

As public-private partnership opportunities for vital infrastructure projects are on the rise, the workshop is  expected to prepare for the readiness of PPPC to create a robust pipeline of city-initiated and co-financed infrastructure projects.

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