Signing of Manifesto by 33 City Leaders Capped Off CDIA Training Workshop in Singapore

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Thirty-three Mayors, Commissioners, and senior government officials from 14 cities in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan and the Philippines signed the Manifesto of Support towards a Better Future for Asia in the recently held “Effective Urban Infrastructure Programming and Good Practices Workshop” on 17-21 April 2017 in Singapore.

As part of the concluding activity of the training course, the signing indicated the commitment to apply the newfound understanding and appreciation of successful urban infrastructure investments to improve the lives of their respective constituents.

Recognizing that cities are the drivers of sustainable development, city officials pledged to “pursue a development agenda based on key principles of good governance and strive towards building a socially-inclusive, gender-sensitive, healthy and safe city for our people.”

As the manifesto further stated, the city representatives promised to “create vibrant and competitive economies that will promote equal opportunities for all; and further make [their] cities more respectful of the environment and resilient to the impacts of the climate change.”

The EUIP and Good Practices Workshop was envisaged to help city leaders concretely translate these commitments into bankable infrastructure investment projects as they went back to their respective cities.

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