CDIA Shares Experience on Capacity Development During GIZ’s Urban Cluster Webinar

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Every few months, the Transformation – Urban Opportunities – Climate Change (“TUrbOCliC”) Working Group of GIZ is conducting a webinar to inform and exchange opinions on different topics regarding urban development. In its latest webinar this month, the discussion centered on the current capacity development activities in Asian cities, carried out by various GIZ projects.

Mr. Thomas Hagedorn, CDIA’s Capacity Development Specialist talked about its integrated capacity development approach, which complements its project preparation studies for infrastructure investments. As CDIA is involved at the early stage of project formulation and accompanies its partner cities for less than a year, capacity development activities are expected to address the immediate needs of the city officials to gear them for the upcoming investments. In projects such as support for the Tonle Sap region in Cambodia, CDIA even carried out post training measures to ensure all necessary aspects were covered.

Mr. M. Mahmudur Rahman, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Management Information System Expert for GIZ in Bangladesh, discussed the application of simple ICT tools for optimization management. While Mr. Nazaruddin Nazaruddin, Advisor for Capacity Development of the Sustainable Urban Transport Program Indonesia (SUTRI NAMA), introduced the variety of activities which could complement the [public transport] program such as trainings, forums, international and local experts’ invitation, study tours, and staff exchanges.

The webinar always leads to further discussions among the participants, to give more opportunities for enriching everyone’s knowledge and experience. To access the presentations, click here.

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