CDIA Chronicles How Yangzhou Rebuilds its Past for the Future

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Yangzhou City once thrived in Ancient China as a major political, financial and trade center. This historical period had left the present-day Yangzhou with a large number of historical treasures, splendid culture and natural sceneries that attract millions of tourists every year, and left everyone captivated by the city’s unique charm.

In 2009, CDIA assisted the city government in preserving its rich cultural and natural heritage. It conducted pre-feasibility studies to develop sustainable solutions to urban upgrading and heritage conservation, rehabilitation and development of its urban wetlands, and construction of a water treatment plant.

In July 2017, CDIA went back to the city to produce a video documentary of how the city government has taken forward the recommendations of CDIA in preserving their Old Town, and developing the San Wan Wetland Park. From the interviews and site visits, it was apparent how the Old Town, which used to be an urban village in a state of decay; and the San Wan Wetland Park, which used to be a dumping area for industrial waste are now bustling with locals and tourists who are attracted by the exciting sites and activities that both places could offer.

“One of the major success factors has been the strong commitment of the city government to ensure that Yangzhou’s wealth from the past are preserved to benefit the present as well as future generations,” said Eva Ringhof, CDIA’s Program Coordinator.

Click here to watch the video.

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