CDIA Completes 20-Year Roadmaps for Water Supply and Sanitation in Dushanbe, Gets City Endorsement for a Priority Project

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Aware of the infrastructure challenges that go with rapid urbanization in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, CDIA is currently assisting the State Unitary Enterprise SUE Dushanbe Vodokanal (DVK) in completing the city’s 20-year roadmaps for its water supply and sanitation systems. Out of the plans, a priority intervention in the Shohmansur District, tagged as Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) first urban sector development project in the country, has been endorsed for further project development by the First Deputy Mayor Mahmadsaid Mahmud Zuvaidzoda.

While Dushanbe’s water supply system covers 99% of the population and provides 24/7 water supply to certain areas, its services are seriously impaired by high water losses due to over aged infrastructure, inaccurate registration of customers, and inadequate billing and collection practices.

Similarly, the sanitation situation is characterized by a worn-out sewerage network, and ineffective wastewater treatment mechanisms, among others. A considerable amount of wastewater is discharged into rivers and creeks or into irrigation and surface drainage system. Likewise, untreated surface water is directly incorporated into the water distribution network especially when there’s high water demand. All these increase both environmental and health risks.

Overall, an investment of USD 625-million was estimated for various interventions to improve the city’s water supply and sanitation services. These will seek to provide state-of-the-art water supply and sanitation services for the entire spatial coverage of the city, make 24/7 water supply available, decrease non-revenue water (NRW) from the current 65% to 30%, and guarantee that the sanitation services comply with national and international standards.

Since these infrastructure interventions will require considerable operational, management and organizational efforts, CDIA has also defined an institutional roadmap on how to strengthen DVK’s processes not only in the operational, financial management, organizational and human resources aspects, but also in customer relations and inter-agency collaboration.

With the endorsement of First Deputy Mayor Zuvaidzoda, CDIA took the priority project forward by developing its pre-feasibility study and preliminary engineering design. Together with the roadmaps, these outputs will be presented to, and discussed with the city officials next month for their acceptance and determination of next steps.

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