Tbilisi’s Urban Mobility to be Featured in Upcoming CDIA Video

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Tbilisi represents the engine of Georgia’s economy, as well as its most crucial transport and mobility challenges. The city is characterized by high road congestion, increased car ownership, very cheap and plentiful parking, unregulated nature of the taxi business, and poor quality of public transport.

The good thing is that solutions are coming to the fore to address the issues. As the city shifts to a more sustainable urban mobility, support from various development partners such as the Asian Development Bank (ADB), CDIA, the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT), and many others present an opportunity for the city to develop a comprehensive and integrated transport and mobility system.

This is what CDIA sought to capture in its video documentation held from 07 to 12 July 2018. Together with its Program Coordinator Eva Ringhof, Program Manager Neil Chadder and Senior Advisor for Communications An Rubenecia, a team of consultants documented the synergy between various partners in addressing Tbilisi’s urban mobility and transport challenges.

The video further focused on the measures relative to the two project preparation studies previously conducted by CDIA, specifically on the improvement of Tbilisi’s bus system and the rehabilitation of its Metro, and how the city is currently working with CDIA experts in strengthening the capacities of local staff in bus prioritization, transport modeling, and transport policy development among others.

“We are proud to be part of the fruitful collaboration between various partners,” said Eva Ringhof. “The local government is striving to provide the transport needs of its people, and we are happy to have witnessed it during the filming,” she added.

In separate interviews with Mayor Kakha Kaladze and Deputy Mayor Maia Bitadze, both highlighted the importance of partnership.

“We welcome the participation of all international organizations in Tbilisi. They helped us develop action plans and are involved in the renovation of our transport system,” said Mayor Kaladze.

“Without support from our international partners, we think we cannot reach our goal of making the city more comfortable for our citizens,” added Deputy Mayor Bitadze.

Watch out for the completion of the video in October 2018.



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