Interim Workshop Recalibrates the YUSIP Study to Focus on Water Supply

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On 12 December 2018, CDIA held the interim workshop for the project preparation study (PPS) related to the Yangon Urban Services Improvement Project (YUSIP) in Myanmar. A key objective was to report on the progress of the activities under Phase I of the PPS and agree on the direction of the study moving forward.

CDIA’s PPS will support the Yangon City Development Committee (YCDC) and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) in the proposed YUSIP loan, which aims to enhance the urban resilience and livability of Yangon City. The project is expected to focus on improving water supply and strengthening the existing sewerage and wastewater infrastructure.

At the interim workshop, however, CDIA together with YCDC and other project stakeholders decided to amend the project outputs to align more with the water supply provision. These outputs now comprise water transmission pipeline preliminary design, water transmission pipeline design and build tender documents, and sewerage and wastewater treatment plant outline design only.

The change in scope was motivated by the Chief Minister and YCDC’s higher priority on water supply, and the increase in water conveyance target volume which would require a more expensive sub-project.

The workshop was opened by YCDC Secretary, Daw Hlaing Maw Oo, who expressed deep appreciation for CDIA, ADB and the relevant YCDC departments for their coordinated efforts in the first phase of the PPS. The workshop then provided a detailed summary of the PPS’s key issues, completed activities and initial findings in the various components of the project.

CDIA shared recommendations for each component, as well as next steps for Phase 2, which allowed for fruitful and forward-looking discussions with YCDC’s committee members, management and engineering team.

The successful workshop was wrapped up by EWSD Head, U Aung San Win, who underlined YCDC’s commitment towards effective collaboration with CDIA to deliver the PPS and prepare the proposed ADB YUSIP1 loan.

The workshop was attended by representatives from ADB; and Country Director for Myanmar of Agence Française de Développement (AFD), CDIA’s new funding partner, who is also supporting YCDC in prioritizing and implementing urban development projects in Yangon.

In addition to the workshop, YCDC endorsed CDIA’s proposal to conduct a scoping study to prepare a youth engagement program. The study will assess the feasibility of targeted activities which will ensure long-term impact and sustainability for enhanced youth engagement in the inclusive urban development of Yangon. Work will commence in early 2018 and will be conducted in parallel with CDIA’s PPS.

CDIA’s PPS is supporting the preparation of the ADB YUSIP loan, one of the many urban infrastructure investment projects being developed by international financing institutions in Myanmar’s thriving and ever-growing capital city, scheduled for implementation in 2020.

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