Our Journey Together Continues

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CDIA has taken a new path in 2019 as it started to fully operate as a Trust Fund managed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This new set up will ensure CDIA’s long-term financial sustainability and increase the impact of its work.

CDIA is now operating under the ADB Urban Financing Partnership Facility managed by Robert Guild, Chief Sector Officer of Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC). CDIA is also directed and guided by Manoj Sharma, Chief of the Urban Sector Group; and just recently, Lara Arjan, Urban Development Specialist joined CDIA’s Management Team.

With this change in governance, partners can look forward to a stronger CDIA as it continues its work with cities to prepare sustainable and bankable urban infrastructure projects. It currently has 11 ongoing project preparation studies in 18 cities; and 10 new projects expected to start this year.

While still focusing on traditional infrastructure projects like water supply, sanitation, and mobility among others, CDIA’s upcoming projects will likewise integrate, where possible, youth engagement, emerging technologies and innovative systems, and capacity development in project preparation. CDIA will also work with a range of financial institutions to improve the chances of successful project implementation; and pay closer attention to how cities could link their efforts to global goals and work on them at the local level. Moreover, CDIA will multiply its infrastructure projects with climate co-benefits with the support of the European Union and Agence Française de Développement (AfD).

“With these opportunities, we look forward to continuing our journey with our partners,” said Neil Chadder, Program Manager. “Our wonderful collaboration to date has led us to work in 95 cities across 19 countries in Asia-Pacific but there remains much work to do. The need for project development support among cities remains unmet with the massive demands for infrastructure to support their growing populations,” he added.

“Only by strengthening our partnerships can we better support cities as they tackle the challenges of urbanization and build a more sustainable, resilient and equitable future,” he concluded.

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