Participatory Workshops for Slum Alleviation Program in Indonesia

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Three capacity development workshops were conducted in Jakarta, Indonesia in line with our project preparation study (PPS) on Smart Living or Slum Improvement in Strategic Human Settlement Area (SISHA).

The most recent workshop was conducted on March 15, 2019 with the objective of identifying specific and immediate steps following the conclusion of the CDIA study.

It was attended by key representatives of relevant local government agencies, who exchanged experiences and lessons learned from previous slum alleviation programs, and the positive and negative aspects of the Smart Living Project.

They also provided inputs on immediate actions to undertake, the organizational changes necessary for the Smart Living Project to progress, and the ways by which stakeholders can be involved in the preparation and implementation of the program.

The three workshops undertaken, and other succeeding training activities are in line with the Capacity Development Strategy and Road Map developed as part of CDIA’s PPS assistance. As in other CDIA projects, the roadmap for Smart Living specifies activities to build capacities at the individual, organizational, and societal levels.

Capacity development at the individual level involves advisory support and other activities that build the level of understanding and skills of individuals implementing the Smart Living Project.

On the other hand, capacity development at the organizational level entails activities for implementing agencies, as well as key cross-cutting agencies to ensure their support to the project.

Finally, capacity development at the societal level looks at the broader context to ensure that supporting and coherent legal/regulatory frameworks are in place, and that the slum alleviation program is in sync with the city’s overall approach to development, among others.

The Smart Living or SISHA is an innovative city-wide slum alleviation program that integrates the broader urban development framework. CDIA’s PPS aims to define the concept of Smart Living/SISHA, incorporate lessons learned from previous slum alleviation projects as guide for subsequent initiatives in the country, prioritize cities and slum areas needing infrastructure provision, and map out investments for further development.

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