ADB’s Strategy 2030 Operational Plans: Request for Feedback

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Strategy 2030 sets out what the Asian Development Bank (ADB) should do to respond to the changing needs of the Asia and the Pacific region. This document provides the framework of implementation for the 7 operational priorities of ADB: poverty, gender, climate change, livable cities, food security and rural development, governance, and regional cooperation and integration.

As an ADB-managed Trust Fund, CDIA would like to request for your comments/feedback on the draft operational plans covered under the ADB Strategy 2030. We especially would like to draw attention to Operational Priority 4: Making Cities More Livable.

Below are the links to the draft operational plans:

Operational Priority 1: Addressing remaining poverty and reducing inequalities

Operational Priority 2: Accelerating Progress in Gender Equality

Operational Priority 3: Tackling Climate Change, Building Climate and Disaster Resilience, and Enhancing Environmental Sustainability

Operational Priority 4: Making Cities More Livable

Operational Priority 5: Promoting Rural Development and Food Security 

Operational Priority 6: Strengthening Governance and Institutional Capacity

Operational Priority 7: Fostering Regional Cooperation and Integration

Please use this feedback form and submit on or before June 15, 2019.  Feel free to circulate to your own networks.

 Your opinion matters to us. Together, we can build a prosperous, inclusive, resilient and sustainable Asia and the Pacific!

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