New Knowledge Product: Guidebook on Joint Venture for Local Government Units

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How can local governments in the Philippines engage with the private sector to undertake public-private partnership (PPP) for their infrastructure projects?

The “Guidebook on Joint Venture for Local Government Units” provides insights and instructions in doing PPPs through joint ventures (JVs). It was developed by the Public-Private Partnership Center (PPP Center) of the Philippines with support from CDIA.

The guidebook describes the types, requirements, and examples of JV arrangements. It also proposes ways to build the readiness of local governments; and guides them in crafting local JV ordinances. It also allows implementing agencies to better understand the JV processes, from tendering the project up to awarding the contract. Finally, it includes capacity building, project development and other means of support extended by the PPP Center to facilitate the successful undertaking of JVs.

Click this link to download the guidebook.

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