Engaging the Youth as Partners in Development

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The 7th Asian Youth Forum (AYF) was held on 12-14 August 2019 at the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Headquarters. Guided by the theme, “Establish. Equip, Engage: Youth for 2030 and Beyond,” the event celebrated the young people’s role as partners in development and demonstrated their unique and valuable contribution in advancing inclusive growth.

A key component of the AYF was the design challenge, wherein CDIA mentored various groups under the theme, Youth for Livable Cities.

Ten youth groups with different backgrounds and nationalities worked on the challenge of developing a proposal for a two-year project, costing USD 150,000 that seeks to showcase the youth’s contribution to address the informal settlement development in Cirebon, Indonesia.

Cirebon is one of the cities covered in CDIA’s Slum Improvement in Strategic Human Settlement Area Project. ADB’s Senior Urban Development Specialist Joris van Etten and CDIA’s Urban Development Specialist Brian Capati provided the Cirebon Kampung situationer. Together with CDIA’s Project Officer Lara Arjan and Social and Capacity Development Specialist Susan Jose, they mentored a group each, and served as jury members in selecting the finalist to compete with winners from other themes.

The CDIA-mentored finalist for the Youth for Livable Cities developed a proposal on Gamifying Urban Development. Through the game named SIM-CIREBON, gamers can help transform informal settlements into livable models. The community will have the opportunity to choose the models they prefer.

In partnership with ADB’s Youth for Asia, the AYF became the second venue for CDIA to participate in the project design challenge. In June 2019, Program Manager Neil Chadder and Brian Capati also engaged with students from International School Manila, as they presented solutions for reducing ocean pollution, road safety, livable cities, malaria prevention and disability inclusion.


(Photos from ADB’s Youth for Asia)

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