Rethinking Municipal Finance to Tackle Urban Poverty and Achieve SDGs in Cities

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At the Seventh Asia-Pacific Urban Forum held from 15-17 October 2019 in Penang, Malaysia, CDIA joined UCLG-ASPAC and local executives from the Philippines, Indonesia and Pakistan in sharing their experiences on municipal finance and how a robust financial architecture can help address issues of poverty and achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) in Asia-Pacific Cities.

In one of the urban innovation sessions held 15 October 2019, Susan Jose, CDIA’s Social and Capacity Development Specialist provided insights on financing infrastructure projects.

“There is a lot of funding available, but a few bankable and viable projects are chasing these funds,” she said. “Thus, it is important for cities to be able to develop their project ideas into bankable and viable projects. We at CDIA help cities do this through our project preparation and capacity development support,” she added.

Ms. Jose likewise shared the best practices adopted by CDIA towards inclusive and sustainable city development. One such approach is ensuring that the poor and vulnerable populations are able to access and use, and participate in the design and implementation of infrastructure and services. She further shared how CDIA tracks anticipated impacts on urban poor and women; and its contributions to the implementation of SDGs.

Along with insights from local executives from Vigan City (Philippines), Jayapura (Indonesia), and Balochistan (Pakistan) in institutionalizing SDGs in both executive and legislative spheres, the session sought to explore enabling frameworks, opportunities, incentives, and capacities so that cities are able to act autonomously in tackling development challenges, of which urban poverty is a key consideration.

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