Knowledge Sharing Sessions on Safeguards and Project Prioritization Held with PPP Center of the Philippines

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On two separate occasions, CDIA shared its practices on safeguards and project prioritization with the technical staff of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center of the Philippines.

Both sessions aimed to increase the know-how on CDIA’s approaches that PPP Center may cascade in their own technical assistance to cities; and apply in project preparation studies jointly identified by CDIA and PPP Center.

At the safeguards session held 7 October 2019, CDIA informed that it follows the 2009 Safeguards Policies of the Asian Development Bank. Since its outputs are mainly pre-feasibility studies, the environmental and social safeguard inputs are up to the level of safeguards classification, using a checklist of potential impacts applicable to urban infrastructure.

By sharing the initiatives in the cities of Valenzuela and Cagayan de Oro, CDIA described that in effect, safeguards in the projects provide awareness and initiate actions to ensure that development projects are designed to prevent and mitigate undue harm to people and the environment in the development process. They likewise help to improve the environmental and social sustainability of the projects thus improving development outcomes, as well as address reputational risks.

Meanwhile the session on project prioritization held 25 June 2019 focused on the application of CDIA’s City Infrastructure Prioritization and Programming (CIIPP) toolkit to help cities move from wishlist to shortlist of prioritized infrastructure projects.

Both knowledge sharing sessions were well-received by PPP Center. Upcoming sessions will focus on urban resilience and climate change mainstreaming.

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