Spreading the Word on Cities and Climate Change

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Insights and key information on climate change and its effects on cities will soon be a few clicks away. The new partnership between CDIA and Clickable Vietnam will boost the organization’s outreach efforts and create a variety of communication materials over the next two years.

With support from Agence Française de Développement and the European Union, the partnership will implement a communication roadmap that will raise awareness on the key challenges of climate and urban development, disseminate best practices, and share experiences of CDIA’s partner cities in preparing climate-compatible, low carbon and resilient investments.

Among the targeted products and activities will be high quality videos, publications, feature stories and social media campaigns showcasing our climate and urban infrastructure projects.

Clickable Vietnam is a Hanoi-based communications firm that has produced communications strategies and marketing campaigns for various global and regional development organizations such as the International Labor Organization, World Health Organization, the Mekong Business Initiative, and ADB Ventures. The Clickable Vietnam team is a highly experienced mix of communications professionals hailing from four continents whose backgrounds in design, journalism, marketing, and communications come together in a unique collective skillset.

“CDIA’s breadth of experience in climate change and infrastructure project preparation is a rich source of information and inspiration for cities in tackling various development issues in the midst of climate change,” said An Rubenecia, CDIA’s Communications and Outreach Specialist. “Joining forces with Clickable Vietnam is an important step towards bringing relevant and timely information to our partners and beneficiaries,” she added.

“We are proud and excited to play a part in raising awareness in Asia and the Pacific on how our growing cities can develop in a sustainable way,” said Jason Lusk, founder and General Director of Clickable Vietnam. “CDIA’s work is a very valuable piece of the urban sustainability puzzle, and their efforts and services deserve to be acknowledged and appreciated by city officials, decision makers, and investors all over the region.”

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