Knowledge Products on Innovative Approaches to Xin’an River Restoration Set to be Published

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Update: The KPs will be launched in October 2020.

Cities in People’s Republic of China (PRC) and other Asia-Pacific countries will soon learn how innovation and best practices can be applied in managing water pollution, with the preparation of knowledge products (KPs) that will showcase how Xin’an River in Huangshan City can be protected to ensure water security for its residents.

Both in English and Mandarin, the KPs will focus on: first flush run-off control and storm water management; environmental monitoring and emergency response system for industrial parks; climate change adaptation and mitigation; and application of information and communication technologies (ICT) for environmental monitoring and data analysis.

Xin’an River is the main drinking water source for at least 10 million urban and rural residents. Huangshan City in the Anhui Province is located in the upstream region of the Xin’an River Basin.

Rapid economic development and urbanization, intensive agricultural activities and fast growth of tourism in the Huangshan area have increased both environmental and ecological pressures across the river basin. This prompted the city to strengthen its water management and pursue sustainable green development.

A loan of $150 million from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the KfW German development bank through the “Anhui Huangshan Xin’an River Ecological Protection and Green Development Project” is expected to boost the city’s water pollution management efforts.

In order to introduce international best practices and innovation into the project design, CDIA’s assistance was sought. The KPs will provide project-specific recommendations and serve as guidelines for project design during implementation; as well as reference for similar projects in PRC and Asia-Pacific countries.

The KPs will be completed in the second quarter of 2020!

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