Spotlight on CDIA’s Urban Development Specialist, Brian Capati

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“Regardless of whether the city is Cagayan de Oro in the Philippines or Darkhan in Mongolia, stories of how CDIA initiated a change in their city always strike a chord in me.”

For Brian Capati, positive feedback from partners makes his work at CDIA extra special.

Mr. Capati is CDIA’s Urban Development Specialist. A Civil Engineer by profession, he joined CDIA in June 2014 and has since then directly managed 20 project preparation studies (PPS) in the sectors of water supply and sanitation, flood and drainage, solid waste management and urban renewal.

He says his favorite projects have been those that inspire the full involvement of all stakeholders – the ordinary citizens, city mayor, regional and national stakeholders, and downstream financiers – to work together to successfully implement the project.

Each project is unique and poses its own challenges. Mr. Capati sometimes works in countries that require him to be extra careful not only in the outputs and the kind of PPS activities the consulting team can undertake but also in terms of ensuring the entire team’s safety and well-being. He also works on projects that require him to quickly find diplomatic solutions to balance contradictory inputs from local, regional and central government stakeholders. Mr. Capati remarked that these situations can be challenging, but he and his project team are able to find resolution through careful analysis, planning and thoughtful discussions with partners.

“Nothing beats the feeling of when you successfully get everybody on board and arrive at a general consensus on the direction and deliverables of the project,” he says.

Mr. Capati is looking forward to more years with CDIA, and hopes to complete more solid waste management and energy efficiency projects.

Working on more projects will require him to spend more time away from his family, especially when he takes on back-to-back assignments, but he understands it is an essential part of his work.

Mr. Capati says that “working closely with the city stakeholders – getting a good sense of the underlying development problems that they encounter,” is something he and his team at CDIA find rewarding, as is “looking at these problems holistically and systematically, and collectively finding solutions to address them”.

“As always, I am willing and excited to contribute!” he says.

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