CDIA Welcomes Cath Terio to the Team

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CDIA is pleased to welcome Cathlyn Rose Terio to their team.

Cath started her role as CDIA Administrator on 2 October 2020, and she now supports the CDIA team in preparing reports and official documents, managing knowledge sharing events, and liaising with the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Urban Sector Group.

“I have been honing my administrative skills for a few years now and CDIA has given me the opportunity to continue to develop those skills,” says Cath.

“I believe this post will make the most of my abilities and potential. I’m quite proud to be in an organization like CDIA where I can grow and work towards something I care about.”

Cath graduated from Emilio Aguinaldo College in Manila, Philippines with a degree in Business Administration Major in Management.

She has been a consultant at the ADB since 2017, and has spent much of her time there with the ADB’s Urban Development and Water Division as well as the Human and Social Development Division. She will maintain her consultancy with ADB concurrently with her new role at CDIA.

“What I have noticed so far is how fun CDIA is,” says Cath. “I like that the team is working as one, and I can really feel that my tasks are important to CDIA’s mission.”

“I look forward to supporting the team in implementing its activities and be able to contribute my ability to streamline office processes, facilitate the development of materials and knowledge products and provide coordination support,” Cath continues.

“To me, nothing is better than the satisfaction I get from being able to help and contribute to the team,” she concludes.

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