Technical Notes on Tbilisi Transport Now Available Online

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CDIA has developed 20 technical notes for improving the transport system and mobility in Tbilisi City, Georgia. Through these notes, CDIA experts have documented the technical advice, international best practices and pragmatic solutions they have proposed while working with Tbilisi’s Transport and Urban Development Agency (TUDA) from January to November 2020.

“These notes are primarily for the city’s transport agency so they can have a reference material in redesigning their core urban transport corridors,” says CDIA Urban Development Specialist Fabienne Perucca who managed the project. “We made them available online so that other transport planners can get insights from the systematic approach we’ve taken to plan, design and implement measures leading to a more sustainable mobility. Like Tbilisi, we hope other cities can pursue more informed decisions in solving their transport issues.”

Last year, the CDIA team worked alongside TUDA staff to develop bus lanes along Tbilisi’s identified strategic bus routes. They also provided technical advice on many elements of the city’s transport planning and regulation, and organized a series of capacity building and training activities for the transport agency. CDIA experts did not make any detailed design for the bus priority measures but by mentoring the TUDA staff on a day-to-day basis, they were able to build their capacity to make the designs themselves and use the most effective techniques at various stages of the transport planning process.

“The technical notes are a legacy of CDIA’s comprehensive capacity development work, having documented the discussions, drawings and processes for planning and designing bus priority measures,” says Fabienne.

“I am happy that the TUDA staff are now effectively using the concepts we’ve shared with them; and I just hope other cities can benefit from the technical notes as well.”

City planners and transport practitioners can download the Technical Notes for Improving Tbilisi’s Urban Mobility from CDIA’s Resources page. If interested to apply for a similar support from CDIA, cities can reach out to their experts through


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