CDIA Reports July-December 2020 Accomplishments

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CDIA released today its Six Monthly Progress Report, highlighting its work with Asia-Pacific cities in the second half of 2020.

The report details CDIA’s progress against performance indicators, the status of utilization of program resources and the contribution of its completed project preparation studies (PPSs) to development impacts and sustainable development goals.

As of December 2020, CDIA has supported 113 cities in 21 developing countries in the conduct of PPS for various infrastructure projects. As a result of its interventions, 80 PPSs covering 158 projects in 91 cities have been successfully linked to an estimated $11.3 billion worth of investments.

Despite the challenges to program operations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, CDIA still managed to obtain the approval of three city applications for PPS support from its Trust Fund management, complete three PPSs, and continue its ongoing PPSs. Pipeline development activities moved ahead with new project applications expected to be approved in early 2021 and several new projects commencing.

CDIA activities related to capacity building, communications, and monitoring and evaluation have continued, including the development of guidelines for the preparation of institutional capacity development roadmaps for CDIA projects, development of knowledge products and the mid-term review, among others.

The CDIA team is committed to undertake more projects next year and sustain the rest of their work to the maximum extent possible. Majority of the tasks over the next six months will be focused on getting CDIA back on track for the rest of its five-year strategy period.

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