Urban Livability Project in Tbilisi Starts, Aims to Bring the Metro System Closer to People

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CDIA kicked off its project preparation study (PPS) on 16 March 2021 in Tbilisi City to develop a roadmap of investments that will provide universal access and enable inclusive mobility for the passengers of Tbilisi Metro in Georgia’s capital.

The PPS is under cover of “Georgia Livable Cities Investment Program” supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

“We will pay close attention to the needs of vulnerable populations to ensure that everyone has better and easier access to the Metro system that can bring them to various parts of the city,” says CDIA Urban Development Specialist Fabienne Perucca.

Tbilisi Metro opened in 1966 as one of the earliest metro systems in the former Soviet Union. Operated by the Tbilisi Transport Company (TTC), it now comprises two lines, has a total length of 27.3 km and serves about 500,000 passengers a day.

Through the PPS, CDIA will prepare up to preliminary design level project components that will enhance the access and flow of passengers, including the elderly, persons with disabilities, women and children in and out of the metro stations.

It will also identify measures to improve connectivity of the Metro with other public transport systems including pedestrians and cycle path networks, and upgrade public spaces and leisure areas in the vicinity of the 23 metro stations.

CDIA will further study the feasibility of additional access points in Ahkmeteli Theatre, Marjanishvili and Liberty Square stations to relieve congestion and mitigate the impacts of COVID-19.

The CDIA technical team is composed of a mix of national and international experts who will work closely with the TTC, Tbilisi Transport and Urban Development Agency, and other relevant stakeholders to accomplish the deliverables in seven months.

Their output will be the focus of subsequent project feasibility study and due diligence activities to be undertaken by the ADB in preparation for the project loan documents.

The ongoing PPS is CDIA’s sixth technical assistance in Georgia. Four previous PPSs were focused on improving Tbilisi’s bus network, upgrading the Metro for better safety and reliability, and accelerating the city’s shift to sustainable mobility via advisory and capacity development assistance in 2018 and 2020, respectively.

Taking forward CDIA’s recommended measures on the Metro and through a $15 million investment, ADB has completed this month the installation of new power cables and ventilators to remove fire hazards and improve air quality in the Metro.

“We are hopeful that by supporting the city in enhancing their bus and Metro systems, we can help in their overall effort to nudge people out of their cars and into public transport systems that are safer, more efficient and environment-friendly,” says Fabienne.


Photos during the virtual kick off meeting:

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