CDIA Begins Community and Partner Consultations to Inform the Livable Cities Project in Tbilisi

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CDIA has recently embarked on a multi-pronged stakeholder consultation program that will run from June to September 2021.

Feedback from the various consultation activities will inform CDIA’s ongoing project preparation study (PPS) in Tbilisi, Georgia and form part of the solutions for enabling universal access and inclusive mobility for the passengers of Tbilisi Metro. The PPS is under cover of “Georgia Livable Cities Investment Program” supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

CDIA experts have created a stakeholder engagement workplan that maps out all relevant project stakeholders; and details the approach and methodology of the activity, which include in-depth interviews, surveys and focus group discussions.

Beginning this month, a team of CDIA consultants will engage with officials of Tbilisi City, its Transport Company, private community transit companies and taxi drivers operating near metro stations and other development partners to present the project, identify interfacing activities and get their insights on the gaps, constraints and possible accessibility solutions for the Tbilisi Metro.

They will also get the feedback of Metro users, persons with disabilities, inhabitants and vendors in the vicinity of the Metro stations to get a deeper understanding of the existing accessibility features of the 23 Metro stations. The survey will take into consideration the equal distribution of respondents according to gender and age.

In parallel, they will consult with representatives from selected civil society organizations, academic institutions and professional organizations to identify and prioritize issues both inside and outside of the metro stations, including the financial, legal and social pitfalls; and contribute to determining possible measures to resolve the identified issues.

Finally, they will organize a series of focus group discussions with a mix of targeted stakeholders to enable more comprehensive discussions that will characterize the situation in the Metro, bring up experiences, raise issues and constraints and underline possible interventions for better access to the stations.

CDIA will use the findings to identify the interventions that will be implemented by the city government with support from ADB to enhance the access and flow of passengers of the Metro station, including the elderly, persons with disabilities, women and children in and out of the metro stations; and improve the connectivity of the Metro with other public transport systems.

“CDIA is committed to ensuring that the community is fully involved in projects that directly affect them,” says Urban Development Specialist and Project Manager Fabienne Perucca.

“A cornerstone of CDIA’s assistance to Asia Pacific cities is stakeholder engagement which encourages a collaborative approach to shaping the project and making sure that its direction and proposed interventions are fully discussed with, and agreed upon to be the most effective solutions by key project stakeholders,” she adds.

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