CDIA Welcomes Philippine Cities to its First Two Virtual Clinics

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Officials from the Philippine cities of Naga, Dagupan, Baguio, Tacloban and Zamboanga joined the CDIA Virtual Clinics held 19-20 May and 16-17 June, respectively, to help them prepare bankable and sustainable infrastructure projects.

“The virtual clinic gave us the opportunity to seek crucial guidance despite the limitations set by COVID-19,” says City Tourism Officer Alec Santos from Naga. “Thanks to the sharing and consultation from CDIA, we were able to dissect the crucial aspects of our plans and look at them through the lens of resilience and sustainable development,” he adds.

CDIA is offering the virtual clinics to officials of secondary cities in Asia and the Pacific so they can get direct feedback on their planned infrastructure projects. The clinics are structured to give one-on-one consultation with the CDIA urban development team; and they offer a pathway for a potential CDIA project preparation study grant assistance.

“The clinics are designed to replicate our ‘normal’ city introduction and scoping discussions,” says CDIA Urban Development Specialist Fabienne Perucca. “It is a focused tool for building rapport with our city partners while developing their capacity to conceptualize bankable, climate-focused infrastructure projects.”

At the first virtual clinic in May, representatives from the city of Naga exchanged with the CDIA team on how to better formulate their plan of developing a green infrastructure project that will help address the city’s problems on riverbank erosion and a lack of recreational spaces for residents.

Similarly, the Dagupan delegates asked advice on how to abate frequent flooding in their city due to sea level rise and a high concentration of silt in their surrounding rivers.

At the second virtual clinic in June, officials from Baguio City Planning and Development Office explored with CDIA experts options for improving the traffic flow in their central business district and creating low-carbon transport routes in the city.

Meanwhile, Tacloban representatives were keen on developing their sanitation infrastructure to address water pollution in the surrounding bays as a result of a combination of indiscriminate domestic sludge disposal and absence of commercial wastewater treatment facilities.

Finally, Zamboanga officials joined the clinic as they would need a feasibility study support for their renewable energy project that will provide a long-term and sustainable solution to their problem of significant power interruptions.

The cities of Baguio, Tacloban and Zamboanga are planning to pursue public-private partnership arrangements for their infrastructure projects in coordination with the Public-Private Partnership Center of the Philippines (PPPC). PPPC, CDIA’s long-time institutional partner provided invaluable support to the second clinic.

In response to the development challenges shared by the five cities, CDIA provided tailor-made and concrete recommendations on how to take their projects forward and integrate key aspects like urban resilience, capacity development, project bankability, stakeholder engagement, and broad-based sectoral studies, among others. To know more about the projects and CDIA’s recommendations, please click these links: Clinic 1 Wrap-Up Report; Clinic 2 Wrap-Up Report.

“We have interacted so far with five dynamic cities all with bold visions and plans,” says Fabienne. “We have managed to help them better formulate their projects by either broadening or narrowing the scope of their project ideas and better integrating important considerations like bankability, urban resilience and capacity development.”

CDIA continues to welcome officials from any secondary city in Asia and the Pacific to join other Virtual Clinics (while slots are still available!) and take an important step toward a more livable and sustainable future for their cities. Upcoming virtual clinics are scheduled on: 14-15 July, 15-16 September, and 13-14 October. The Virtual Clinics are made possible with the financial support of the European Union.

Visit for more details on the schedule, registration and agenda.


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