Bishkek, Aktau and Khujand Officials Discuss Their Project Ideas with CDIA Team

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At the fourth CDIA Virtual Clinic held on 15-16 September 2021, representatives from the cities of Bishkek, Aktau and Khujand exchanged ideas with members of the CDIA team on their respective projects to provide better and affordable housing, chart a more strategic tourism development, and ensure a sufficient and reliable water supply.

“We ‘travelled’ to Central West Asia during this clinic and it was interesting to ‘see’ and engage with cities from Kyrgyz Republic, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan,” says Neil Chadder, CDIA Program Manager. “We managed to get a good understanding of their respective urban challenges and aspirations, and advise a pragmatic way forward for their development projects,” he adds.

CDIA is offering the virtual clinics to officials of secondary cities in Asia and the Pacific so they can get insights on their infrastructure projects, at the same time find ways to better integrate climate resilience and capacity development into their projects. The clinics also offer a pathway for a project preparation study grant assistance from CDIA, subject to the approval of its trust fund management.

Representatives from Bishkek City joined the virtual clinic to get support on their plan to provide better living environments and economic opportunities for their residents through a comprehensive upgrade of their informal settlements in Kalys-Ordo, Ak-Bosogo, Archa-Beshik, Bakai-Ata and Rukhiy-Muras. They plan to holistically improve critical services such as water supply and solid waste management, and set up open green spaces and community facilities. They further aim to develop two industrial and logistic centers to boost their prospects for job creation and economic development.

Officials from Aktau are looking to formulate a tourism development roadmap. Tourism in Aktau is developing at an accelerated pace but without a coherent strategy integrated into the city’s urban development plan. By defining the strategic direction of its tourism initiative and considering a phased urban infrastructure development, Aktau hopes to enhance its attractiveness toward visitors and investors, while highlighting the natural assets of their region.

Khujand City is looking at improving the quality and reliability of their water supply through a new wellfield to cover 100% of the city population and its neighboring districts. They also wanted to reduce their non-revenue water from 35 percent down to 10 percent, and expand the area for wastewater collection to cover the city’s newly developed districts.

Click this link to know more about the proposed projects and CDIA’s recommendations.

CDIA continues to accept registration applications from secondary city officials in Asia and the Pacific for its November clinic. Visit for more details on the schedule, registration and agenda. The Virtual Clinics are made possible with the financial support of the European Union.


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