Integrating Climate Resilience in Wastewater Management, Sanitation and Sewerage

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CDIA conducted an urban resilience training workshop with 38 government officials and stakeholders from Chattogram City, Bangladesh on 25 January 2022.  The three-hour session helped participants to reflect on the climate resilience issues in their city, and enabled them to discuss climate solutions for their wastewater, sanitation and sewerage sector.

It was part of the CDIA-supported Project Preparation Study (PPS) for the Chattogram Metropolitan Sewerage Project for North Kattoli Catchment that will develop the sewerage system and wastewater treatment infrastructure in the northwest part of Chattogram City.

CDIA partnered with Climate and Resilience Hub of Willis Towers Watson to deliver the training virtually, and develop an agenda well-suited for the stakeholders of Chattogram Water and Sewerage Authority (CWASA) to enhance their understanding of climate risks pertaining to Chattogram as a whole, and the proposed sewerage project in particular. The multiple interactive elements across the session also enabled the participants to discuss the resilience options they can integrate into the project.

Overall, the participants viewed the training workshop as largely ‘helpful’, ‘useful’ and ‘insightful.’ About 90% of survey respondents affirmed that it provided them with significant information required to include climate risk and resilience concepts in the Chattogram project.

“The training workshop provided a clear case for improved urban resilience especially that Chattogram is vulnerable to climate change,” says Brian Capati, Urban Development Specialist in charge of the Chattogram PPS. “As we progress with the study, we will work closely with city authorities to ensure greater involvement of the government and other stakeholders in generating more urban resilience ideas, and improving the ‘buy-in’ and long-term sustainability of the sewerage project.”

The urban resilience training workshop served as a follow up activity to the Inception Workshop held on 10 January 2022, which introduced the PPS consulting team and outlined the various study components, including potential sewerage options. The training was intended to help the PPS team and city stakeholders better mainstream climate change considerations into their sewerage project to achieve climate co-benefits. It will further provide the foundation from which they can build on subsequent climate assessments as part of the PPS.

The resilience workshop was made possible with financial support from Agence Française de Développement.


Photos during the virtual training workshop:

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