CDIA Releases July-December 2021 Progress Report

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In its latest Six Monthly Progress Report covering July to December 2021, CDIA highlighted its work with cities in Asia and the Pacific to prepare sustainable and climate-resilient infrastructure projects.

The report details its progress against program targets, the contribution of its project preparation studies (PPS) to development impacts and sustainable development goals, utilization of program resources, and upcoming projects and activities.

“Cities are at the forefront of an inclusive, resilient and sustainable future,” says Lara Arjan, ADB Urban Development Specialist and Project Officer of CDIA. “As cities are now preparing for economic recovery post-COVID, CDIA’s remit becomes more relevant than ever to help them rebound from the pandemic and make infrastructure investments that are strategic, aligned with Paris Agreement, and with long-term prospects.”

As of December 2021, CDIA has supported 127 cities in 22 developing countries in the conduct of PPS for various infrastructure projects. As a result, 87 PPSs in 103 cities have been successfully linked to an estimated $12.2 billion worth of investments.

A key focus of this report is how the initiative contributes to climate finance, in terms of the amount of financial resources spent on PPSs to address climate change mitigation and/or adaptation; and the amount of downstream financing leveraged to climate change.

Activities related to capacity building, communications, and monitoring and evaluation have continued in this period, including the preparation of institutional capacity development roadmaps for CDIA projects, conduct of Virtual Clinics, development of knowledge products and the completion of mid-term review, among others.

Over the next six months, the team is committed to maximize their outputs during the remainder of the current five-year strategy period, as they seek to formulate CDIA’s strategy for 2023-2027. Founded on a robust Theory of Change, the design of the new strategy will be guided by lessons drawn from past operations.

Download: Six Monthly Progress Report.

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