New CDIA Publication: Climate, Infrastructure, and Your City

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CDIA is pleased to introduce its new publication titled Climate, Infrastructure, and Your City that offers insights on preparing bankable and sustainable infrastructure projects leading to more livable and resilient cities in Asia and the Pacific.

The promise of a better life, among other factors, draws people to cities. In Asia and the Pacific, more than 2 billion people are now living in urban areas and 1.2 billion more are expected to join them between now and 2050. Existing infrastructure and services, however, cannot keep pace with the rapid growth; and cities in the region are among the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

Against this backdrop, CDIA developed a publication to guide readers through a range of project preparation studies, in the hope that the stories can provide value to cities and other stakeholders in integrating climate resilience into their urban development work. The publication further illustrates how a holistic approach to resilience can enable cities to deliver not only climate adaptation and mitigation benefits but also socio-economic growth, environmental improvement, and good governance.

CDIA’s 15 years of experience in infrastructure project preparation is a testament of how collective actions with governments, downstream financiers, donors, development partners, and communities can effectively address prevailing challenges in cities and help them achieve their development aspirations. CDIA is committed to broaden and deepen its cooperation with partners to ensure that the coming years are as impactful as its last 15.


This publication was made possible with funding support from the European Union under the Cities and Climate in Asia (CICLASIA) program managed by Agence Française de Développement (AFD). Its content is the sole responsibility of CDIA and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union or other CDIA donors.

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