How Can We Build Climate-Resilient Cities? Let our New Videos Show the Way

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Climate change and a lack of quality infrastructure hinder the development of cities in Asia and the Pacific. In a new series of videos developed with funding support from the European Union, CDIA provided concrete pathways for cities to effectively integrate climate resilience into their infrastructure projects.


  1. Partnerships Toward Resilient Urban Infrastructure featuring the Climate Vulnerability and Adaptation Assessment Project in Cambodia and Chattogram Sewerage Project in Bangladesh

It begins with “partnership as key to developing sustainable infrastructure projects.” City leaders, funders, and other development partners should work together to build more climate-resilient and sustainable cities, for the benefit of the urban population, particularly the poor and those most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. CDIA provides the platform for various stakeholders to come together to develop infrastructure projects that effectively mainstream climate resilience.


2. Building Institutional Capacity for Climate Resilience – featuring the Climate Resilience in Bac Kan and Ha Nam Project in Viet Nam

It is important to build the knowledge and skills of cities to manage their projects. CDIA’s integrated approach, methodologies and innovative measures provide opportunities for cities to be able to develop a blend of green and gray infrastructure at the same time develop the capacity to sustain their projects in the long run.


3. Bringing Climate-Resilient Infrastructure to Cities in Asia and the Pacific – featuring the Green Growth and Climate Change Resilience in Dong Ha, Viet Nam and the Local Devolution and Disaster Risk Reduction Management Program in the Philippines.

The application of a holistic resilience framework will help cities deliver not only climate benefits but also socio-economic growth, environmental improvement, and good governance.

Collective efforts with various stakeholders have made it possible for CDIA to provide project preparation assistance to 128 cities in the last 15 years, which generated an estimated $12 billion worth of infrastructure investments. CDIA will boost its collaboration with partners to provide greater value and advance its mission of bringing a more sustainable and resilient future to secondary cities in Asia and the Pacific.

The videos were produced with funding support from the EU under the Cities and Climate in Asia (CICLASIA) Program managed by Agence Française de Développement. They do not necessarily reflect the views of the EU or any other funders of CDIA.

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