ADB Approves Additional Grant for CDIA-Supported Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Dushanbe

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on 30 August 2022 approved an additional grant of $38 million to finance the implementation of the Dushanbe Water Supply and Sanitation Project (DWSSP) in Tajikistan’s capital. It supplemented its earlier grant investment of $41.18 million.

In 2018, CDIA supported the Government of Dushanbe to identify the physical works that will be included in the DWSSP, which aims to rehabilitate and expand the city’s water supply and sanitation infrastructure to improve public health and promote economic development and urban climate and disaster resilience. It also seeks to build institutional capacities toward the sustainable implementation of the project, and promote women empowerment.

CDIA developed a 20-year roadmap for water supply and sanitation for Dushanbe. Out of which, it identified priority projects that will improve water supply in Shohmansur District and enhance sanitation services in the southeastern part of the city. The priority projects had an estimated investment value of $76 milion set to benefit roughly 100,000 residents. CDIA also created a roadmap for institutional capacity development for Dushanbe Vodokanal, the agency responsible for the city’s water and sanitation services, to bolster its operations, financial management, and customer relations, among others.

ADB took the priority projects forward to implementation through its initial grant investment of $41.18 million, accounting for 55% of the CDIA‐proposed interventions.

On request of the city government, CDIA provided another technical assistance in 2021 to help complete the remaining interventions to ensure that Dushanbe’s water system is fully rehabilitated and expanded. Priority works include the development of additional wells, pumping stations, transmission and distribution networks, installation of smart meters, and rehabilitation and construction of collector sewer and sewerage networks.

Thereafter, ADB-managed technical assistance team took the CDIA recommendations to subsequent project development activities leading to the approval of the additional ADB grant.

Read: ADB News Release

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