CDIA Releases its Progress Report for First Half of 2022

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In its latest Progress Report covering January to June 2022, CDIA highlighted its work with secondary cities in pursuing inclusive, climate-resilient, and low-carbon development.

The report details CDIA’s progress against its program targets, contribution of its project preparation studies (PPS) to development impacts and sustainable development goals, utilization of program resources, and upcoming projects and activities. A key focus of this report is how its various projects are expected to contribute to pro-poor, gender-responsive, and inclusive urban development.

“With the increasing vulnerability of cities to the impacts of climate change, emphasis must be placed on integrating climate resilience into infrastructure project development, bearing in mind that people already burdened by poverty and inequality will have the least capacity to cope. This is the core of our work,” the report states.

From 2007 to June 2022, CDIA has supported 128 cities in 22 developing member countries in the conduct of PPS of various infrastructure projects. As a result, 88 PPSs covering 177 projects in 104 cities have been successfully linked to an estimated $12.2 billion worth of investments.

In this reporting period, the trust fund management has approved one city application from Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic. CDIA also completed four PPS interventions, continued its technical assistance in nine ongoing PPSs, and beefed up its pipeline development initiatives.

Activities on capacity building, communications, and monitoring and evaluation have further continued, including the preparation of institutional capacity development roadmaps, development of knowledge products, and the conduct of tracer studies, among others.

Over the next six months, the team is committed to solidify their achievements under the current strategy (2018-2022) and as CDIA transitions to the new Strategy 2023-2027 lay the groundwork for reaching even greater heights in the coming years.

“We renew our commitment to our partners in all efforts to build more livable and resilient cities in Asia and the Pacific,” the CDIA report states.

Download: Six Monthly Progress Report.

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