Ronald Cartagena Joins CDIA as Urban Development Specialist

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Ronald Cartagena has recently joined CDIA as one of its Urban Development Specialists. He is an environmental planner who has put his educational background in Philosophy into good use to help cities pursue the best solutions for their development issues.

At CDIA, he will manage the preparation and linking to financing of our project preparation studies (PPS) that feature urban infrastructure projects with innovative elements. He will likewise undertake capacity development activities as part of the PPS and represent CDIA in networking and knowledge sharing activities.

“My background somehow provides me with a deeper appreciation of how things relate to each other and how to make sense of these relationships,” said Ronald. “This will help a lot in project conceptualization and ideas generation to guide a wide range of stakeholders in prioritizing solutions that are most relevant, strategic, and impactful to cities.”

Ronald has an extensive experience in the fields of urban planning, capacity building and institutional development, climate change mitigation, transport policy management, and environmental planning and evaluation.

Before joining CDIA, he was a lecturer at the University of the Philippines Visayas, where he taught urban planning subjects for its diploma program. He was also involved in city development interventions with international agencies such as Asian Development Bank, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Global Green Growth Institute, and Clean Air Asia, among others.

Ronald further served as a technical consultant for various cities and local governments in the Philippines, from where he developed expertise on cross-sectoral thematic areas crucial to urban development; at the same time gained a better understanding of the dynamics of dealing with chief executives and their technical personnel.

He is motivated to bring his 15 years of experience into CDIA’s work of bridging the gap between city development plans and their infrastructure investments.

“I wish for CDIA to continually evolve to be able to provide more holistic interventions toward a brighter outlook for the future of the cities, one that is sustainable and resilient.”

With Ronald joining CDIA, that prospect just got even brighter.

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