CDIA Partners with AIIB to Prepare the Bangladesh Smart City Development Project

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Bangladesh is suffering from tremendous infrastructure deficits and poor urban service quality that impede its socio-economic growth. It is also highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change-related disasters that can cause adverse impacts on the lives of people and massive damage to infrastructure.

In partnership with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), CDIA will undertake a project preparation study (PPS) to support the Bangladesh Smart City Development Project. This investment aims to promote smart and efficient urban planning and governance and accelerate infrastructure provision in cities along major economic corridors.

Under the PPS, CDIA will adopt an integrated smart city development approach and prepare the investment components along one priority cluster comprising the cities of Laksham, Feni, and Mirrersharai. It will work with them to prioritize sub-projects toward smart and climate-resilient urban systems and infrastructure in some of the following sectors: water supply and sanitation, drainage, urban mobility, solid waste management, flood protection, and public spaces.

“We hope to provide a sound framework by which Bangladesh, with financial support from AIIB, can strengthen its system of cities through smart solutions where applicable,” said Ramon Abracosa, CDIA Program Manager. “We will pursue an integrated approach to promote pro-poor and low-carbon projects in the three cities, while improving their public health, local environment, and climate resilience,” he added.

Together with key stakeholders, CDIA will help prepare a roadmap for promoting smart city development, including policy recommendations for the Government of Bangladesh, thereby creating a framework that can be replicated nationwide. It will also provide a comprehensive analysis of the cities’ development challenges; out of which it will prepare city-specific strategies and investments. It will then undertake a pre-feasibility study and related due diligence of priority investments; and provide institutional and financial assessments to ensure the long-term sustainability of the project. The outputs of the PPS will inform subsequent project preparation activities by AIIB.

Following the approval of the PPS by the CDIA Trust Fund Management this December, project scoping and procurement phases will commence leading to the official start of the study in the second quarter of 2023.

Photos during the initial meeting among CDIA, AIIB and the chief executives of Laksham, Feni, and Mirrersharai on 17 November 2022.

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