CDIA Checks on Progress of Wastewater Projects in Siem Reap

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Urban Development Specialist Brian Capati and Communications and Outreach Specialist An Rubenecia conducted a monitoring visit on 13-17 March 2023 in Siem Reap, Cambodia to validate the extent of implementation of the Provincial Water Supply and Sanitation Project (PWSSP) and the Siem Reap Wastewater Collection Network Development. In partnership with the country’s Ministry of Public Works and Transport, CDIA developed the project preparation studies, which aim to improve public and environmental health in the city.  

PWSSP, which was linked to Asian Development Bank (ADB) funding, sought to expand water supply and sanitation services in a number of towns, including Siem Reap. Based on reconnaissance, the project in the city has been completed with the installation of a 3.7 km main trunk along Sivutha Boulevard.  

As recommended by CDIA, pipe jacking was undertaken, a less intrusive method of laying pipes that does not require huge excavations in the middle of a main thoroughfare. The initial project cost was $12.9 million, which was later increased to $15.39 million to meet the re-surfacing specifications required by the government.

Meanwhile the implementation of the wastewater collection project, which was linked to World Bank (WB) financing, is currently ongoing. In line with its sewerage network development, secondary and tertiary lines are being set up covering the west trunk sewer (WTS), east trunk sewer (ETS) and interceptor sewer combined (ISC) sub-catchments.  

Per CDIA study, the WTS has a total network length of 40km. Later on, it was reduced to 20km as half of the catchment was excluded from WB loan and incorporated into the $200 million central government project in Siem Reap covering roads, sewerage and drainage. Savings from the scope reduction were reallocated by WB to the ETS sub-catchment.  

Meanwhile, improvements to the wastewater treatment plant include upgrading of the septage reception, treatment and disposal facilities, and other general enhancements. 

Finally, for the three sewerage pumping stations, a contractor has already been mobilized to undertake rehabilitation works for 12 months, including pump replacements and modernizing them to be equipped with SCADA, gas detectors, and other safety features.  

WB Project Officer Phyrum Kov was highly appreciative of the CDIA support as it was instrumental in securing the WB Board’s approval for the project and it highly improved project readiness because of its comprehensive nature (feasibility study including detailed design for some components). 

The monitoring visit was conducted back-to-back with the participation of both CDIA team members in PolyUrban Waters International Symposium. It was done in preparation for a full tracer study targeted after this year’s Cambodian elections to document the progress, results and anticipated impacts of the two projects.



Provincial Water Supply and Sanitation Project

Siem Reap Wastewater Collection Network Development


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