CDIA Shares Experience in Developing Bankable Projects at the 15th CityNet Disaster Cluster Seminar

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How can cities transform their ideas into bankable projects for resilience and sustainable development?

At the 15th CityNet Disaster Cluster Seminar held on 7-8 June 2023 in Makati City, Philippines, Capacity Development Specialist Kathleen Jovellanos shared her insights on how CDIA can help cities effectively prepare bankable projects and make them a viable investment partner for project financiers. 

The two-day event was attended by 14 city representatives and stakeholders from the Philippines; as well as partner cities from Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and Nepal; and representatives from the private sector and the academe.  

The seminar was intended to help cities strengthen their initiatives and forge strategic partnerships as they journey toward resilience building and align more fully to the global visions of Sustainable Development Goals, Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction, and Conference of the Parties (COP) 21 and 25.  

It was organized into three themes: 1) Understanding Risk in an Era of Systemic Risks; 2) Risk Communication; and 3) Governance and Financial Systems to Work Across Silos and Design in Consultation with Affected People.  

CDIA’s presentation was aimed at introducing it as a project preparation facility that can work closely with cities in preparing bankable projects with cross-cutting benefits such as supporting climate-resilient development, promoting inclusion and gender mainstreaming, enhancing innovation, and strengthening project implementation, among others. 

“There are plenty of financing options, but there is a limited robust pipeline of projects,” said Kathleen. “Through project preparation study, cities can go through the process of defining, studying, refining, and developing an infrastructure project concept to the point that it becomes bankable, thereby raising implementation financing from public or private sources,” she added. 

CityNet’s Disaster Cluster is made up of city managers and stakeholders essential to building a city’s resilience who are trained in disaster risk reduction and management approaches so their city can better prepare for natural disasters. Makati is the lead city of the disaster cluster.  

A long-time regional partner of CDIA, CityNet is a network of municipalities, non-government organizations, private companies and research centers committed to establishing more sustainable and resilient cities through capacity building, city-to-city cooperation, and pursuit of tangible projects, among others.  



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