CDIA Identifies Investments to Enhance the Quality of Life in Selected Bishkek Settlements

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Communities flourish in environments where people have access to infrastructure and services, economic opportunities, and social interactions.  

In Bishkek City, Kyrgyz Republic, CDIA proposed a comprehensive investment package that will bring about a better quality of life in the residential areas of Ak-Bosogo, Kalys-Ordo, Bakai-Ata, Rukhiy Muras, and Archa Beshik.  

These settlements, together with 42 others, were identified in the recent survey by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) as sub-standard settlements in Bishkek, which lack essential infrastructure and services.  

As part of its ongoing project preparation study, CDIA recommended priority interventions for three redevelopment zones, as well as improvements in the existing infrastructure facilities. It also proposed soft components related to project implementation in the five settlements.  

Redevelopment zones will be set up in Ak-Bosogo, Archa-Beshik, and Bakai-Ata settlements to transform them into truly urban areas with public services, infrastructure, and commercial and income-generating activities that will enable the settlements to recoup and benefit from these assets.   

In terms of improving public infrastructure, CDIA recommended developing roads in the five areas; setting up sewerage, drainage, and irrigation infrastructure in Ak-Bosogo, Kalys-Ordo, and Bakai-Ata; and constructing vehicular bridges in Ak-Bosogo, Kalys-Ordo, and Bakai Ata. A key innovative aspect under this component is the establishment of climate-smart water management in Archa-Beshik. 

CDIA further proposed five multifunctional social complexes, kindergartens in four settlements, and other recreation facilities in Ak-Bosogo. It likewise suggested incorporating green and blue corridors and nature-based solutions to build the resilience of the settlements. 

Finally, the soft component will aim to support the city in implementing the investments, which will include activities such as data collection, territorial planning, and assistance for scaling up the integrated urban development model applied in the 5 settlements to 42 others.   

The priority investments were identified based on a comprehensive urban diagnosis conducted by CDIA, which revealed the importance of an integrated territorial development, social inclusion, strengthening the local economy, and preserving environmental assets in improving the quality of life in the settlements.  

“Upgrading the living conditions in the five settlements entails more than an upgrade of infrastructure and services,” said Kathleen Jovellanos, project manager of the Integrated Development of Five Settlements in Bishkek Project. “It also necessitates structural integration with city development efforts to ensure that city-level challenges are taken into account,” she added.  


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