CDIA Engages with Pacific City Mayors Toward Effective Climate Action

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Cities and local governments, on the frontline of climate impact, are central to tackling climate change. The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM) organized on 4 September 2023 in Suva, Fiji, the Climate Action Plans and Project Financing Workshop to emphasize the importance of climate planning. In this event, Roohi Abdullah, CDIA’s Senior Operations Specialist, provided valuable insights. 

The workshop aimed to empower cities with the knowledge and tools to create compelling project proposals for potential funders. It also provided a platform for financiers to clarify their criteria and guidelines, simplifying the financing process for cities. 

Roohi Abdullah, virtually joining from Manila, Philippines, shared her expertise during the panel discussion on “What Makes a Climate Project Attractive to Financing Institutions,” alongside representatives from the World Bank and the GAP Fund. Her presentation delved into the elements that make projects ‘bankable.’ 

She emphasized that bankable projects must show a strong likelihood of achieving their financial, environmental, and social objectives. They should generate cash flows that cover costs and meet investors’ expectations. The involvement of a creditworthy entity often proves critical for successful project implementation. 

Roohi stressed the importance of considering the unique requirements of individual cities. Incorporating elements like climate resilience, gender equality, social inclusion, innovation, human capital, and capacity development can significantly enhance a project’s appeal to financing institutions. 

The workshop drew mayors and representatives from Pacific region towns and cities committed to GCoM’s mission of developing integrated climate action plans. It served as a precursor to the Pacific Urban Forum 2023, setting the stage for future initiatives. 

Cities in the Pacific, like their global counterparts, face worsening climate impacts, from flooding to cyclones. As they work to translate climate action plans into actionable projects, events like the Climate Action Plans and Project Financing Workshop are crucial for building capacity and exchanging knowledge, fostering effective climate solutions. 

Roohi Abdullah’s insights shed light on the path to making climate projects appealing to financing institutions, offering hope for a sustainable and resilient urban future.  

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