CDIA Reaches Final Milestone in its Project Preparation Study in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

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CDIA on 19 October 2023 conducted a final workshop with city government representatives, development partners, and other stakeholders involved in the project preparation study (PPS) for the Integrated Development of Five Residential Areas Project in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

The event marked the completion of the PPS, which identified and prepared to feasibility level, infrastructure development projects that will bring about a better quality of life in the residential areas of Ak-Bosogo, Kalys-Ordo, Bakai-Ata, Rukhiy Muras, and Archa Beshik.

Following the identification of an investment package for the five settlements, the final PPS deliverables included a feasibility assessment of the priority projects, the crafting of an investment plan to mobilize financing for the projects’ implementation, as well as the conduct of short-term capacity-building activities.

CDIA proposed 42 sub-projects with the goal of transforming ‘residential’ areas into ‘urban areas’ and enhancing their resilience. They comprised improvements in infrastructure and public facilities covering water supply; solid waste and wastewater management; and urban regeneration including transport and social, cultural, and public facilities. They also entailed boosting economic activities in the target settlements. CDIA examined each priority investment to determine their feasibility and ascertain their positive impact on the residents’ welfare and development.

Through the PPS, the total cost of the project was estimated at $138.6 million with major parts allocated to redevelopment zones ($49.4M) and public infrastructure ($48.2M). Owing to the various financial characteristics of the project components, CDIA proposed distinct financial arrangements, comprising a combination of bullet loans, traditional long-term concessional loans, and public-private partnership mechanisms.

Integrated into the PPS, CDIA developed an institutional and capacity development roadmap that sets out targeted activities at the short-, medium-, and long-term horizons to enhance the individual, organizational, and institutional aspects of municipal functioning to better implement integrated urban planning practices.

On 11, 16, and 19 October 2023, respectively, CDIA provided bespoke training activities that focused on the innovative aspects of the project. The topics included climate-smart water management, integrated urban planning and urban regeneration tools, and climate change adaptation planning. Overall, representatives from 12 departments from the Bishkek City Hall and other government entities benefited from the insights and international best practices shared by CDIA’s technical experts.

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