Holiday Greetings

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Dear Partners, 

Before 2023 ends, we would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to all of you who have been part of the CDIA journey in the past 16 years. 

Because of your tireless cooperation and support, we were able to prepare urban infrastructure projects in 131 cities in 22 countries, thus, inching closer to our collective goal of a more inclusive, climate-resilient, and low-carbon Asia and the Pacific region. 

From its project preparation studies, CDIA has generated $14 billion worth of infrastructure investment, which is set to improve urban services for millions of beneficiaries, including women, the elderly, children, and other vulnerable populations. See our 2023 progress update. 

Understanding that the demand for infrastructure and services has never been greater than today, we have continued to evolve to remain true to our mission of helping secondary cities prepare bankable investments while aligning ourselves with global agendas and emerging development opportunities. 

In 2023, we started implementing the CDIA Strategy 2023-2027, thereby focusing our efforts on 1) building capacities to help prepare inclusive, resilient, and low-carbon infrastructure investments; 2) increasing collaborations to support longer-term, strategic, and Paris-aligned investments; and 3) assisting cities to structure project financing conducive to private sector participation and blended financing. 

Also, this year, ADB transitioned to the New Operating Model (NOM) to respond more effectively to the rapidly changing needs of its developing member countries and deliver the goals of Strategy 2030. Being an ADB-managed trust fund, CDIA aligned itself with NOM’s fundamental shifts of providing highly effective and client-centric solutions, becoming a driver for private sector development, addressing climate change, and promoting new ways of working.  

We look forward to 2024 with hope and dynamism that our new strategy and operating environment will enable us to provide better value to our clients and work closely with them in pursuing lasting solutions to the compounding challenges of our time. 

We thank all our donors, city and state/national government counterparts, downstream funders, consultants, and other partners who have been with us through the years. We hope to continue cultivating stronger relationships with you in the years to come.  

We wish you a wonderful holiday season and may the coming year be filled with happiness and success.  

 CDIA Team  

(Lara, An, Brian, Cathlyn, Ivan, Kathleen, Meeko, Nick, and Roohi) 


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