ADB-CDIA 2023 Progress Report: A Year of Transformation and Impact

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ADB-CDIA is thrilled to unveil its 2023 Progress Report – now presented in an interactive format – to provide an overview of its accomplishments, impacts, and plans, underscoring its commitment to promoting transformative change in cities across Asia and the Pacific.

Among its accomplishments, it completed four project preparation studies and linked $30 million worth of infrastructure investment to downstream financing. In parallel, the team has doubled its efforts on capacity development and partnership-building, aligning with the objectives of Strategy 2023-2027.

Central to the report are the project preparation facility’s contribution to development impacts and stories that show the tangible and lasting benefits of its interventions to city residents. Furthermore, it provides updates on the CDIA Trust Fund and the team’s activities in the next six months.

Looking back on these milestones, the team is filled with deep gratitude for the unwavering support of its financing partners, government counterparts, downstream funders, consultants, and other partners. They have propelled them to work harder to promote inclusive, resilient, and low-carbon urban development in the region.

Download: 2023 Progress Report

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