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Leaving No One Behind in Water Supply Provision

March 20, 2019|An Rubenecia


Turning on the tap for clean water is still considered a luxury in many Asian cities. Where water is available, it flows for a limited time only or in some parts of the city. In time for the World Water Day on March 22, let’s look at some of the efforts in ensuring that water is available for all.

CDIA, Sri Lankan Government Ink Agreement to Improve Resilience and Livability of Matara City

March 13, 2019


A Technical Assistance (TA) agreement was signed last February 28, 2019 to carry out a project preparation study towards improving the resilience and livability of the city of Matara and the Greater Matara Area in Sri Lanka.

Hon. D.G. Yasaratne, Mayor of Matara signed the agreement along with Mr. Nihal Rupasinghe, Secretary of the Ministry of Megapolis and Western Development; Mr. Senaka Palliyaguruge, Municipal Commissioner of Matara Municipal Council; and Mr. Neil Chadder, CDIA Program Manager representing Lara Arjan, Urban Development Specialist of Asian Development Bank. The signing was carried out in the presence of the French Agency for Development (AFD), represented by Mr. Martin Parent, Country Director for Sri Lanka.

Women On the Move

March 8, 2019|An Rubenecia


Mobility patterns of women are said to be more complex than men, such that they combine domestic and care-related tasks with employment or community obligations. In this sense, how women can successfully play their roles and carry out their responsibilities have a lot to do with the transport infrastructure and services available to them. How then is CDIA ensuring that women can be on the move, anytime, anywhere?

Our Journey Together Continues

February 25, 2019


CDIA has taken a new path in 2019 as it started to fully operate as a Trust Fund managed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This new set up will ensure CDIA’s long-term financial sustainability and increase the impact of its work.

CDIA is now operating under the ADB Urban Financing Partnership Facility managed by Robert Guild, Chief Sector Officer of Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC). CDIA is also directed and guided by Manoj Sharma, Chief of the Urban Sector Group; and just recently, Lara Arjan, Urban Development Specialist joined CDIA’s Management Team.

Introducing our New Project Officer, Lara Arjan

February 25, 2019


We are happy to announce that Lara Arjan has recently joined the CDIA Trust Fund Management as our new Project Officer.

Lara is now responsible for the CDIA Technical Assistance Program, including coordination with financing partners, CDIA Team and the Trust Fund Management. She is also concurrently serving as Urban Development Specialist at Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department (SDCC) in Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The Way Forward for Yangon Comprises Bus Priority Measures and Traffic Flow Reforms

February 25, 2019


In recent years, Yangon has taken a path where acute traffic congestion has become part of the residents’ daily grind. But the way forward for Myanmar’s capital looks brighter with plans for bus priority measures and improvements in traffic management, parking and pedestrian facilities.

CDIA has recently completed its Concept Design and Feasibility Study to support the city government in implementing bus priority measures and improving traffic flow along Pyay Road corridor, considered to have the most number of bus and passenger flows in the city.

CDIA Revitalizes Partnerships with National Project Development Agencies

February 22, 2019|An Rubenecia


In three separate meetings, CDIA discussed with the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MPWT) of Cambodia, PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) (PT SMI) of Indonesia, and the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center of the Philippines concrete ways of accelerating infrastructure project development in the three countries.

Accelerating City-wide Slum Alleviation in Indonesia

February 22, 2019


Indonesia’s policy on slum alleviation has sought to improve the living conditions in slum areas by improving the access to public services, such as potable water, sanitation, drainage, and solid waste management etc. While these initiatives have reduced the number of slums and improved basic services, the government saw the need to review existing initiatives and develop a holistic approach that will accelerate and strengthen their slum alleviation efforts to meet their mid-term national development targets.

New Bus Lanes Designed by Local Staff with Support from CDIA Now in Effect

February 20, 2019|An Rubenecia


As part of the government’s effort to optimize public transport system, additional bus lanes have been implemented recently in Shartava and Kostava Streets, Baratishvili Rise and Robakidze Avenue in Tbilisi City, Georgia.

CDIA Brings Youthful Energy to Panaji Creek Rejuvenation

January 31, 2019|Lee Lambert


Underscoring the importance of engaging the youth in urban infrastructure project development, CDIA has once again tapped students and members of community-based and civil society organizations to contribute actively in planning for the rejuvenation of St. Inez Creek in Panaji, India. This initiative is part of CDIA’s support to the city in installing a 24/7 water supply and restoring its creek through nature-based solutions.

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