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New Bus Lanes Designed by Local Staff with Support from CDIA Now in Effect

February 20, 2019|An Rubenecia


As part of the government’s effort to optimize public transport system, additional bus lanes have been implemented recently in Shartava and Kostava Streets, Baratishvili Rise and Robakidze Avenue in Tbilisi City, Georgia.

CDIA Brings Youthful Energy to Panaji Creek Rejuvenation

January 31, 2019|Lee Lambert


Underscoring the importance of engaging the youth in urban infrastructure project development, CDIA has once again tapped students and members of community-based and civil society organizations to contribute actively in planning for the rejuvenation of St. Inez Creek in Panaji, India. This initiative is part of CDIA’s support to the city in installing a 24/7 water supply and restoring its creek through nature-based solutions.

Interim Workshop Recalibrates the YUSIP Study to Focus on Water Supply

December 26, 2018


On 12 December 2018, CDIA held the interim workshop for the project preparation study (PPS) related to the Yangon Urban Services Improvement Project (YUSIP) in Myanmar. A key objective was to report on the progress of the activities under Phase I of the PPS and agree on the direction of the study moving forward.

Building CapaCITIES: Insights from CDIA’s Capacity Development Advisor

December 10, 2018


It is standard for CDIA to closely monitor the status of its infrastructure investment projects, i.e. the cities it worked with, the expected number of beneficiaries, which projects got linked to finance, and their intended results and impacts, etc. Yet, there is another aspect of CDIA – its capacity development work – wherein its results are not systematically documented. Because of this, CDIA looked back to the 116 training activities it conducted to find out their results and reflect on what can be improved in the future.

CDIA Book Describes Work on Capacity Development and Contributions to Development Goals

December 10, 2018


At the recent CDIA event on the “11 Years of Co-management in Preparing Sustainable Infrastructure Projects with Cities,” a new CDIA book was unveiled, which describes its efforts in building the capacity of its partner cities and contributing to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and key development impacts.

Bridging Cities, People and Sustainable Development showcases the work of CDIA in the past 11 years. For the first time, CDIA has described in detail how it contributes to sustainable development goals (SDGs), particularly in creating sustainable cities and communities.

CDIA in the Philippines: Back to Where We Started

December 10, 2018


The Philippines is a country of many beginnings for CDIA. For one, it is the venue of the international conference, “Investing in Asia’s Urban Future,” which paved the way for the establishment of CDIA as an approach to address gaps in infrastructure project development and financing in Asia and the Pacific.

Season’s Greetings!

December 10, 2018


Dear CDIA Partners, As 2018 comes to a close, allow us to express our gratitude to all those we have had the honor to work with in the past 11 years. Having been able to support 95 cities in 19 countries in preparing sustainable infrastructure projects is a milestone we couldn’t have achieved without your […]

11 Years of Investing in Asia’s Urban Future

December 10, 2018|Oliver Baudler and An Rubenecia


As another year comes to a close, we look back to what CDIA has accomplished with Asian cities, regional and national partner organizations, network partners, funders and other stakeholders. It was through everyone’s commitment that we are making headway in inclusive, resilient and sustainable development in the Asia Pacific region.

Celebrating 11 Years of Co-Management in Preparing Sustainable Infrastructure Projects with Cities

November 29, 2018|Oliver Baudler-Voigt


On 21 November 2018, CDIA celebrated its more than a decade history through a knowledge sharing session at the Asian Development Bank Headquarters. For 11 years, CDIA has been working closely with cities in Asia and the Pacific to support infrastructure development and financing. By December 2018, the engagement of GIZ as one of the implementers of the initiative will come to an end; and from 2019 onwards, CDIA will completely transition into an ADB-managed Trust Fund. During the event, CDIA’s publication called Bridging Cities, People and Sustainable Development was launched, which highlights some of the key interventions undertaken in recent years.

CDIA is Engaging Youth and Community in Urban Planning in Panaji

November 8, 2018|Oliver Baudler


On 31st October, which marked the international #WorldCitiesDay 2018, that highlighted sustainable and resilient cities, CDIA successfully held its first Youth and Community Engagement Workshop regarding the rejuvenation of the St. Inez Creek in Panaji, India.

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