Pool of Experts

Our CDIA experts are available for interviews, presentations, and panel discussions.  If you wish to invite our experts or if you have any other inquiries, please contact cdia_info@cdia.asia.

Areas of Expertise

Lara Arjan

Urban Planning,
Environmental Policy/Management,
Public-Private Partnerships,

Ramon Abracosa

Environment and Climate Change Management, Urban Planning and Infrastructure Development, Resource Planning, Institutional Capacity Strengthening.

Brian Capati

Water Supply and Sanitation,
Solid Waste Management,
Flood and Drainage,
Urban Resilience

Fabienne Perucca

Urban Planning,
Urban Resilience,
Institutional Development

Ritchie Anne Roño

Smart and Livable Cities,
Digital Innovations and Design Thinking

Kathleen Jovellanos

Capacity Building, Program/
Project Management,
Knowledge Management,
Public-Private Partnership,
Policy Evaluation, Governance

Rudini Nick Baoy

Results Monitoring and Evaluation

Analyn Rubenecia

Development Communication,
Knowledge Management,
Institutional Linkages

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