City Interventions

Balikpapan Solid Waste Management

Country: Indonesia
City: Balikpapan

Key Stakeholders and PartnersBalikpapan City Government; Ministry of Public Works

Project Preparation Study PeriodFebruary 2013 – October 2013

CDIA SupportUS$ 185,000

Expected Downstream FinancingUS$ 38.0 million (National Government)

Infrastructure sectorsSolid Waste Management

CDIA priority impact areasClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Environmental Improvement; Poverty Reduction

Key City Development Issues

The Mayor’s decree and various local regulations on solid waste management (SWM) are among the policies put in place by the Balikpapan City Government to develop Balikpapan into a clean, green, beautiful and comfortable city. Law No. 18 of 2008 on Environmental Management also mandated the local government to build a sanitary landfill. In 2011, Balikpapan collected 323 tons of waste per day, and 67% of the total waste is comprised of organic materials. To better manage the environmental impact of solid waste, Balikpapan plans to build an intermediate treatment facility to boost the efficiency of the current sanitary landfill and reduce the cost of transporting solid waste.

Details of Cooperation

The CDIA study was designed to support the efforts by the city of Balikpapan towards achieving its vision of a clean, green, beautiful and comfortable city. CDIA-supported activities included: (i) preparation of a pre-feasibility study on SWM including technical and operational analysis of existing SWM activities as well as recommendations for developing an integrated SWM system covering improvements in collection (including a recycling strategy), transportation and disposal (including waste recovery); (ii) preparation of proposals for the construction of an intermediate treatment facility, potentially incorprorating a waste-to-energy system, at the current sanitary landfill and operational enhancement of leachate infrastructure operations at the landfill site; and (iii) formulation of recommendations for the most appropriate solid waste treatment technology to serve the city of Balikpapan until 2043.

Expected Development Outcomes

When fully implemented, the project will improve the system for collection, transportation, disposal and treatment of solid waste in the city of Balikpapan thereby contributing to the attainment of its long-term vision of a clean, green, beautiful and comfortable city.

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Key City informationLand Area: 503 sq. km.
Population: 700,000
City website: n/a

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