City Interventions

Balikpapan-Singkawang Enhanced Water Supply Services Project

Country: Indonesia
City: Balikpapan, Singkawang

Key Stakeholders and PartnersCity Governments of Balikpapan and Singkawang; PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero)

Project Preparation Study PeriodJuly 2017 – June 2019

CDIA SupportUS$ 569,976

Expected Downstream FinancingUS$ 10 million (National Government)

Infrastructure sectorsWater Supply

CDIA priority impact areasClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Environmental Improvement; Good Governance

Key City Development Issues

Balikpapan and Singkawang are two medium-sized cities located in the island of Borneo with a combined population of over one million. Both cities are unable to increase the coverage of their water services due to inadequacy of existing sources of raw water especially during the dry season. Balikpapan is heavily dependent on groundwater while Singkawang relies on river water. The big challenge facing the two cities is how to meet the future water demand of their growing population.

Details of Cooperation

The scope of PPS support included technical assessment, conceptual designs, financial analysis, and initial environmental, institutional and social assessments to ascertain the feasibility of improving the water supply systems in the two cities. To meet the future water demand in Balikpapan, the PPS recommended the Tengin River and Sepaku-Semoi dam as raw water sources. For Singkawang, Lake Serantangan was identified as the best alternative for addressing future water needs. Recommended infrastructure for enhancing water supply in both cities included intake and pumping facilities, treatment plant, transmission lines and distribution network.

Expected Development Outcomes

The project will result in sustainable utilization of water resources and equitable provision of water supply services in both cities. In Balikpapan, water supply service coverage will increase from 91,763 connections in 2017 to 122,063 connections by 2042. In Singkawang, water supply service coverage will increase from 24% of the total population in 2018 to 71% of population in 2042.

Download: Singkawang Final Report     

Download: Balikpapan Final Report     

Key City informationLand Area (aggregate): 1,007 sq km
Population (aggregate): 1.1 million (2019)
City website: n/a

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