City Interventions

Chongqing Innovation and Human Capital Development

Country: China
City: Chongqing

Key Stakeholders and PartnersChongqing Municipal Development and Reform Commission; Chongqing Municipal Government; Asian Development Bank

Project Preparation Study PeriodMarch 2018 – June 2019

CDIA SupportUS$ 450,000

Expected Downstream FinancingUS$ 427.3 million (ADB loan)

Infrastructure sectorsSocial Infrastructure

CDIA priority impact areasGood Governance; Poverty Reduction

Key City Development Issues

Chongqing is a centrally administered municipality located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River. It has a total land area of 82,400 sq km and a total population of over 30 million. Large scale state-owned and resource dependent heavy industries such as iron and steel, automotive, construction and chemicals dominated Chongqing’s economy since the 1960s. To survive in a rapidly growing and environmentally-sensitive economy in the PRC, Chongqing needs to create an “innovation ecosystem” that will help make its society and economy sustainable and resilient. In addition, Chongqing needs to invest in relevant human capital development to be able to respond to the rapidly evolving demands of its diversified industries.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA supported Chongqing Municipal Government (CMG) in designing a project that integrates human capital development and infrastructure. Specifically, it helped in preparing sector and technical assessments, including formulation of an enhanced overall project concept bringing innovation into project design in line with the project preparation for the Chongqing Innovation and Human Capital Development Project pipelined for financing by ADB and CMG. The CDIA intervention also included the conduct of a three-day capacity development workshop on innovation and entrepreneurship in support of the potential sub-project activities. Key CDIA technical assistance inputs included: (i) capacity development to confirm project focus; (ii) detailed assessment and design for Changshou Economic and Technology Development Area; (iii) socio-economic assessments to ensure integration of social aspect into the project design; and (iv) technical support to the Transaction TA team in the formulation of sub-projects to be proposed for funding by ADB.

Expected Development Outcomes

In partnership with the government, universities, colleges and industrial parks, this project seeks to advance technological innovation and provide an incubation environment to develop the next generation of technical professionals, entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the region. The project plans to combine both hard and soft infrastructure with innovative and green approaches, in line with the PRC’s request to ADB for the sustainable and inclusive industrial transformation of the Yangtze River Economic Belt.

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Key City informationLand Area: 82,400 sq. km.
Estimated Population: 30 million (2018)
City website: n/a

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