City Interventions

Development of Palu Bay

Country: Indonesia
City: Palu

Project Preparation Study PeriodAugust 2015 - December 2015

CDIA SupportUS$ 93,914

Infrastructure sectorsUrban Renewal

Key City Development Issues

The vision of Palu of 2010-2025 as stated in the Long-term Development Planning (DPIP) is for Palu to be “the Bay City based on services, tourism, industry and trade with ecological insight”. In the RTRW (Spatial Plan) of Palu for the period of 2010-2030, the Palu Bay area is identified as a strategic area because of its influence on economic growth through tourism and sport as well as its environmental importance for the city. Initiatives already undertaken include relocating slum dwellers into new areas equipped with housing and other basic infrastructure. However, further improvements to the Palu Bay area are still needed particularly in relation to infrastructure development to support its function as a public space.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA helped to 1) identify investment opportunities contributing towards developing Palu Bay as a well-planned, well-serviced source of economic development as well as enhance the aesthetic and historic-cultural value of the Palu Bay area; 2) prepare pre-feasibility studies (PFSs) for identified investments, potentially relating to sanitation, drainage, sewerage, solid waste management etc.; 3) develop financing options for identified projects; 4) identify capacity gaps within the city government of Palu in relation to the preparation and implementation of projects, and 5) design and deliver capacity development interventions.

  • The PFS was not taken through to completion on the basis of a number of factors.
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