City Interventions

Faisalabad Urban Transport and Industrial Waste Management

Country: Pakistan
City: Faisalabad

Key Stakeholders and PartnersCity Finance and Planning Department; Ministry of Local Government and Environment

Project Preparation Study PeriodJune 2009 to May 2010

CDIA SupportUS$ 511,436

Expected Downstream Financing$50.7 million (public-private partnership; local financing insitutions)

Infrastructure sectorsUrban Transport
Wastewater Management

CDIA priority impact areasClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation; Environmental Improvement; Poverty Reduction

Key City Development Issues

Like many other cities, Faisalabad is beset with issues related to urbanization such as solid waste pollution, industrial wastewater, lack of drainage, sewerage, and wastewater infrastructure. The city is also affected by traffic congestion and noise pollution that affect the quality of life of people. Furthermore, there is conflicting land use between industrial and residential areas.

Details of Cooperation

To address its development issues, CDIA provided the following technical support to the city:

a) Pre-feasibility studies addressing urban transport and environmental issues in line with existing city priority areas;

b) Linkage of the Pre-feasibility studies with potential financiers; and

c) Assisting Faisalabad city administration to set strategic directions and priorities on environmental issues through the proposed infrastructure investments.

Expected Development Outcomes

The development of public transport project is expected to lead to the reduction of CO2 emission and pollution aside from increased mobility and accessibility for urban poor. Meanwhile the industrial waste and wastewater treatment investments will improve water quality and health conditions particularly of the urban poor.

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Key City informationFaisalabad, (formerly known as Lyallpur) is located in the province of Punjab and is the third largest city in Pakistan. The city is an important transportation and commercial centre, especially for grains and cloth. Manufacturers include textiles and pharmaceutical.

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