City Interventions

Gazipur Flood Control, Water Supply and Sanitation

Country: Bangladesh
City: Gazipur

Key Stakeholders and PartnersGazipur City Corporation

CDIA SupportUS$ 356,660

Infrastructure sectorsUrban Transport
Flood/Drainage Management

CDIA priority impact areasEnvironmental Improvement; Good Governance; Poverty Reduction

Key City Development Issues

Gazipur encounters multiple infrastructure challenges due to a high urbanization rate which is currently outpacing the city’s capacity to keep up with the high infrastructure demand. The city stands for one of the densest agglomerations in Bangladesh. The urban policy framework currently being followed includes the Dhaka Structure Plan 2016-35, the Detailed Area Plan, the Municipal Infrastructure Development Plan (MIDP) and the Sector Action Area Plan. Nevertheless, there are still huge challenges in the city. Solid waste collection is limited to a small area and sanitary disposal is absent, the drainage infrastructure is inadequate to mitigate frequent water logging, and there is no central wastewater treatment and effluent disposal system.

Details of Cooperation

CDIA supported activities include:

• Conducting an assessment of the city’s infrastructure needs in the focus sectors;

• Preparing a 20-year road map and investment plan for increasing transport connectivity, drainage and flood control, solid waste management, sanitation and water supply; and

• Undertaking technical pre-feasibility studies and assisting the city government to evaluate and prioritize components and prepare preliminary engineering designs for priority sub-projects, including cost estimates.

Expected Development Impacts

When implemented, the project is expected to reform and strategize Gazipur’s municipal services thereby providing equitable services to the increasing population and improving their public health.

Download: Final Report      

Key City informationArea: 322 km²
Population: 2.15 million

Gazipur is located north of Bangladesh’s capacity city, Dhaka, and is considered as the northern section of the Dhaka Metropolitan Region. The city is connected to Dhaka via National Highway (NH) No. 3 Dhaka-Mymensingh road, NH No. 4 Dhaka-Jamalpur road and NH No. 6 Dhaka-Rajshahi road. The advantage in connectivity made the city area and its vicinity attractive for investment in the industrial sector.

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